Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Reaver Titan

Well, it's a rocky start after an exciting burst of enthusiasm the first stumbling block has occurred. I picked up a ton of foam board from Hobbycraft (3 huge sheets for a tenner!) but sadly it's just no good. It would be an awful lot of work to get it to work... See picture for the problem below:

Too many gaps, and will take a punishing with paint.  So I have ordered some good old plasticard and will tackle this as plastic instead.

Really want to do this but it's a big challenge! The size is good as you can see below, but I really want this to be perfect and I am a stickler for trying to keep things simple. 

After looking at so many blogs and pictures from Dakka, Warseer etc, there is enough inspiration out there to get this nailed... I start a new job next week and want to try and get this made at least to the waist by the end of the month. More than likely will fail that target, but lets try.

I other news, I picked up a crap load of cool pipe bits from Wickes for about £8 (enough for the basic structure of the legs, body and arms - all in really strong PVC) 

More updates due soon 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


More progress on the Black Legion, whilst watching back to the future 3 and Paul (forgot how hilarious that movie is), managed to knock out 9 more for the full squad!
My personal favourites are these guys though

Very awkward but rewarding models to paint. I wanted a full squad of ten, but didn't really want too many duplicates other than the bolter ones, which are just fodder anyway. 

I chopped up the axe model and replaced an arm and head, I gave one bolter a meltagun! Simple conversions really.

Next up will be a tank, either my predator or a rhino, or both... 

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Chosen and Nurgle additions to the Black Legion

First steps into getting the Chosen squad done for my Black Legion. After reading the new iPad supplement, I'm going to have to make some God specific versions too!  I have a squad of ten, all made from the Dark Vengeance box set, with a few weapon swaps here and there. Determined to paint them in time for Thursday gaming at Games Workshop High Wycombe.

Then for good measure my version of the Nurgle Champion (will count as Typhus)