Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Mantic Deadzone! Lots of pictures - be warned!

Lots of bags! Four Factions here + Mercenaries

So the dust has settled and I finally have some time to collate some of the photos I took of the Strike Team Kickstarter box.  There was a lot, I haven't started on the scenery yet, so here is a short update of the models I have unboxed.  More photos to come but that will be another blog post.

Group shot of the Enforcers, from bits bag to 5 built.  They look great together, and once the others are built will be a nice little strike team.

Here we have the Enforcers Captain - REALLY nice model but not well cast.  Sadly the cloak has a huge cast line through the back of it and its very thin, so I doubt will file down very well without the use of green stuff to bulk it out and smooth over.  There were a few casting lines over the model, but on the whole, he is pretty cool.

Once cleaned up he should look fine.  I opted for the full helmet option, as opposed to the open face as I just didn't like it.

Ok these will make great substitute models for Orks - particularly Mega Armoured Nobz.  I particularly liked the buzz saw and the captain model.  These were actually fairly good casts, very little casting lines were left on them, just a little tidying up required.

I did get asked to throw up some scale shots, so we could compare these models to other 28mm stuff - here you can see how the Enforcer Captain and Sniper Specialist fare to an Imperial Guard Captain and Dark Reaper Exarch model.  Not bad!

Within the Kickstarter box, you get all the rules and counters you need to play and not one, but TWO gaming mats.  First the paper version, which is fine but the really great one is the printed mat - it's so much better to play on and has much more durability.  The scenery sprues are great from a first glance, they are very very tough plastic (I think most of the models are a weird mix of resin and plastic - plastic glue was useless on them - use superglue instead)

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Cypher, Advent Calendar and The Fallen

As Games Workshop announced the festivity treat of the Advent Calendar - rumours are abound the Internet of the coming of old characters, one of my personal favourites - Cypher.

In it's fairly well done (IMHO) but very obvious spoiler, here's the GW video:

When Dark Vengeance hit, the first thing I did was to convert the DA Librarian to a counts as Cypher, I couldn't use him, but damn - the model looked cool and I'd have it anyway.

Here's a snap of the WIP - I plan to go to town on this one, including tidying up the armour and making it look like an older suit, complete with studs and much more detailing to the sword behind.  I'm thinking of adding chains and green stuffing some more details.

To go with him, I have a lot of the DV Dark Angels to shave and tidy up, then make them more ancient and heresy era with studs and green stuff.  I can then play them as either pre-heresy Dark Angels or Fallen Angels in my Black Legion force.  Win/Win!  

What do you guys think?