Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Cypher, Advent Calendar and The Fallen

As Games Workshop announced the festivity treat of the Advent Calendar - rumours are abound the Internet of the coming of old characters, one of my personal favourites - Cypher.

In it's fairly well done (IMHO) but very obvious spoiler, here's the GW video:

When Dark Vengeance hit, the first thing I did was to convert the DA Librarian to a counts as Cypher, I couldn't use him, but damn - the model looked cool and I'd have it anyway.

Here's a snap of the WIP - I plan to go to town on this one, including tidying up the armour and making it look like an older suit, complete with studs and much more detailing to the sword behind.  I'm thinking of adding chains and green stuffing some more details.

To go with him, I have a lot of the DV Dark Angels to shave and tidy up, then make them more ancient and heresy era with studs and green stuff.  I can then play them as either pre-heresy Dark Angels or Fallen Angels in my Black Legion force.  Win/Win!  

What do you guys think?

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