Monday, 30 September 2013

New Gamers, an Awesome "games" room and a bit of fun

Its been awhile, which is both good and bad.  I have recently started a new company ( and hobby time has dwindled down to very little!

Although, pleasantly I have found the staff receptive to trying new things, so almost every Thursday night we have a games night.  My regular opponent had to ditch, so I made the most of it, with 5 other eager volunteers.

M247 have a great space that they are happy for us staff to use, so we set about turning our conference room into our gaming room for the night.  The scene was set for a 6 player "Intro Game" to 40K.

I had about 3K of my Black Legion with me, so I split this into 2 roughly equal forces (One themed more around traitor guard than CSM's) led by a Tzeentch Sorcerer.  The other side was a smaller more hard hitting force that had come to punish the upstart sorcerer and his rebellion.  The game would last a random amount of turns from turn 4 onwards, and the objective was to hold the temple in the middle of the board with a unit at least 50% or more strong.

 The game underway!

Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and most of the basic rules were covered.  Next time I may try just building a lot of scenery and getting the guys into painting it, or might just end up doing a small 400points free for all.

Much fun, and thanks to those involved.

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