Monday, 7 October 2013

Legion Update

Black Legion - What's Painted so far

Time for an up to date post on the army painting, the Black Legion are now getting painted nice and fast, with 18 x Marines, Abaddon, Thousands Sons Sorcerer, Hellbrute, Landraider, Typhus counts as, Storm Eagle, 10 x Chosen and 5 x Havocs already based and finished.  

Abaddon - WIP shots

That’s enough for a small 2,000pt game! (With a few undercoated models standing in, I have got 2,500 points from it nicely.  It literally ripped apart a tank heavy Imperial Guard army.)

Next up is the Raptor squad, Maulerfiend, Bikers and possibly the Cultists... there are about 60 of them to get through! 

 I really enjoyed painting these - Forgeworld models are always good, but these seemed to be enjoyable more than previous stuff.  Although, they were a pain in the proverbial to get cleaned up ready to take paint.

I decided on a Heavy Flamer and a mixture of power fists and Lightning Claws for the squad, to roam free or accompany Typhus at the moment.

Once the Cultist are done, he will run with them and make.... 

ZOMBIES!! - who wouldn't? 

Here are some work in progress shots of the bikers, these are now undercoated black ready for painting, hey look really good here, but once undercoated I was annoyed to find a lot of detail was lost.

Might go back to the drawing board for these.

Next up will be a photo of the Chosen (10 man unit) and hopefully a Rhino or unit of Raptors.

Comments are welcomed!

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