Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Counts as Typhus of the Black Legion

I realised I never actually posted much about the Typhus scratch build I did awhile back.

After reading the Black Legion supplement, I decided to set about re-creating the Mournival but with Abaddons Chosen, starting with the Slaughterborn...

Tyhpus rules fit nicely, and allows me to just get running with a powerful model.

Here is a WIP through to painted guide of what I did.

I took the standard model of Typhus and cut into it, removing the torso (the metal one! not the finecast one).  When I had the legs free, I then cut into Archaon (Warhammer) and trimmed his cloak, bent it down and added a bit GS to tidy it up.  I grabbed the Ork head from an Armageddon Steel Legion Sgt, and built the scythe from the Warhammer Nurgle lord and plasticard.  Guitar wire was the used to provide pipes as above, then lots of GS to bulk out the stomach and sculpt minor details like hair on one of the skulls and the back pack.  I had to build that entirely from GS and plastic tubes to mimic the destroyer hive on the normal Typhus model.
Undercoated Black ready for painting

The Destroyer Hive 

Poor lighting unfortunately, but he is finished! I will try to get a better shot done and change it soon.

Finally, the group shot!

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