Sunday, 17 November 2013

Some WIP stuff!

Inquisitor Hellyos

First up is an old model I created when Daemon Hunters was released... yeah... a long time ago!  I really liked the idea of a book worm inquisitor with a large pistol.  This guy is pretty basic, but in mind fits the role nicely.

Not too bad for a model I painted a few years ago!

Brother Armond

Now we move onto a recent WIP of mine, a Deathwing Leader painted up as a commission piece in the colours requested.  I still need to add a layer to the whites and blues, then tidy up the whole armour.  Then I will crack on with the sword - possibly painting it up in brown and bone effect, to create a nice relic blade.

Traitor Lord Commissar 

My real passion though is my Black Legion, which has just taken on a whole raft of new recruits from a defeated Imperial Guard force.  They are now traitors, and this chap will be my Traitor Lord Commissar - even they can fall from grace... This one has suffered some minor mutations that mark him out for greatness!  I wanted to kit bash an old Vampire I laying around, this fit perfectly.  Cadian legs, bit of green stuff and hey presto... fairly "smart" uniform to denote his previous rank and bits to tie him to my Black Legion and he on his way.  Just need to tidy the clothes up a little on the green stuff, but this will be done soon.  

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